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With the incredible success of Amazon Alexa and Fire TV devices over the years, the e-commerce giant has announced its first Smart TVs.

Where you used to have to buy a Amazon Fire TV device that plugged into your own HDTV, their ‘Omni Series’ TVs will already have the Fire TV, as well as hands-free Alexa voice navigation.

Users will be able to ask Alexa to tune to a specific TV show, movie or live event without needing to specify channel, streaming service or input device to switch to. The feature also lets you use voice commands to control playback, closed captions and brightness, manage TV or soundbar volume, switch inputs, and more.

For customers in the US, a few extra features are being trialled that include;

  • Bringing TikTok content to the TV
  • Allowing used to use Netflix’s new shuffle feature through Alexa
  • Being able to ask Alexa to give recommendations for Movies and TV to suit you

As well as the new Fire TV Omni Series, Amazon have also announced their best ever Fire TV Stick 4K Max – a far more powerful device with Wi-Fi 6 support and Energy Star certification.

With their own set of TV’s, data will now become more available to Amazon that enables them to see the viewing habits internationally, offering better user experience and new features that they can be sure consumers want and will love.

Starting in October, the TVs will be available across the United States via. Amazon and Best Buy. The baseline Fire TV Omni Series, with support for 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Digital Plus, will be available in three screen sizes: 43-inch ($409.99), 50-inch ($509.99) and 55-inch ($559.99). The Fire TV Omni Series with Dolby Vision will be available in 65-inch ($829.99) and 75-inch ($1,099.99) models.


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