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Technology advancements have moved IoT closer to the daily user experience.  For Video and Broadband operators, customer demand is pushing the evolution of bespoke user experience to the forefront of deployments.

Exceptionally, this year RDK community has seen groundbreaking advancements take place in the journey toward a universal, unique, and customised user viewing experience in the home.

We can see clear RDK evolution toward improving user experience by allowing operator control within a standardised platform where quick developments can take place.

The additional unveil of RDK 4 will further promote development for Broadband/Video providers and operators to remain fully in control of their platform.

The built-in architecture layers housing Firebolt, Thunder and Lightning platforms will enable a progressively more seamless integration of Video and Broadband supported devices into the market.

As we enter an increasingly velocitised environment it is exciting to predict where our RDK community will be at the end of next year.

More Control

The core selling point of the open-source RDK platform has always coincided with operator control throughout the development pipeline.

Through the RDK, operators have full device and data management of integrations, Solutions, strategy, Applications, and business models.

As we continue into next year it is expected that we will see enhanced growth in the community and contributions will become stronger in progressing this powerful tool to becoming a common Solution globally.

RDK-C Developments

The extension of the RDK platform into Camera- named RDK-C- will shift development in the IoT and connected device ecosystem.

Enabling RDK software on a wider range of devices, the developments will promote the progression of one common ground to manage devices, data, and analytics in a costumed way regardless of Video, Broadband or Camera platform.

For operators having such control will guarantee target customers higher performance, lower cost, and more extendable products.

Smart integration

The new modified Application framework harnessed by Lightning, accelerated functions and common plugins is set to make Application integration easier for RDK deployed devices.

For RDK-B, progressions in real-time Wi-Fi management will enable IoT systems to be pre-integrated through interfaces like Bluetooth and Zigbee.  This will enable customers complete user experience throughout the home.

Endless possibilities 

The possibilities for the RDK community are endless. It is clear that as this transformative community continues to grow we will witness regular landmark moments in the progression of the platform.

To discuss the RDK platform and community further, please contact me at jamie.walker@paratuspeople.com

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