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Jamie Walker

Jamie started his career in tech with recruitment company, Paratus People, working to bring talent and clients together. His speciality lies in video technology, and heads the RDK division within Paratus with two years of experience and fantastic work behind him!

Jamie quickly realised the potential of RDK alongside Android TV, but also realised the difficulty that clients can encounter when looking to switch. Over time we have created awareness on RDK and how to train engineers on this specific platform.

We have been a member of the RDK community since 2016 and decided to launch the RDK Podcast to create awareness of the platform, allow clients to showcase their work so far, and create attraction for candidates to your company.

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The RDK Podcast Team

The RDK Podcast is powered by Paratus People, a leading organisation in Video Technology and IoT Talent Solutions.

Innovation is at the heart of RDK, it is our passion to explore and learn more about this fast paced and transforming sector.